Inside Water Storage Tank for a Condensate Recovery System

Condensate Recovery System for Indoor Growers

26 January, 2024

Planning a Condensate Recovery System The importance of water quality and sustainability in indoor cannabis cultivation cannot be overstated, and one often-overlooked source of high-quality water is a condensate recovery system. In this Condensate Recovery System Guide guide by Brad Hull on Cannabis Business Times, the focus is on understanding... Read More

Indoor Grow Project Management Timeline-Featured-Image

Project Management Guide for Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)

17 January, 2024

Anyone inspiring to become an indoor grower needs to understand Where They Are, Where They Want to Go, and How to Get There. To help navigate this journey, the typical phases of a project are detailed in the graphic timeline shown. CEA PROJECT MANAGEMENT LIFECYCLE A Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)... Read More

Indoor Growers Benefit from Dissolved Oxygen Mastery

21 April, 2023

MORE Dissolved Oxygen Means MORE Production Research shows that increasing dissolved oxygen (DO) levels in irrigation water correlate to increases in yield, quality, and overall plant health. A study was conducted by observing the growth of lettuce grown at differing DO and water temperature levels. The study showed at a... Read More

Indoor Growers Benefit from Understanding Filtration

11 April, 2023

MECHANICAL FILTRATION DEFINED Filtration is the mechanical process of removing contaminants from water. Filtration consists of some filter medium, usually a screen or material with small openings, which then has a flow sent through it. The medium will allow water and small enough particles to pass through but will stop... Read More

Large Greenhouse Commissioning

Commissioning a Greenhouse or Indoor Cultivation Facility

26 September, 2019

There was inadequate commissioning of a newly constructed indoor cultivation facility. During the rush to get growing, several building systems lacked their desired functionality. The climate management system never performed as promised and powdery mildew (PM) and botrytis (grey mold) are now common in cultivation compartments. Making matters worse is... Read More