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Waterborne Particle Size Chart

21 April, 2023

2023.02.02_Water_Filtration_Size_Chart Read More

Indoor Growers Benefit from Dissolved Oxygen Mastery

21 April, 2023

MORE Dissolved Oxygen Means MORE Production Research shows that increasing dissolved oxygen (DO) levels in irrigation water correlate to increases in yield, quality, and overall plant health. A study was conducted by observing the growth of lettuce grown at differing DO and water temperature levels. The study showed at a... Read More

Indoor Growers Benefit from Understanding Filtration

11 April, 2023

MECHANICAL FILTRATION DEFINED Filtration is the mechanical process of removing contaminants from water. Filtration consists of some filter medium, usually a screen or material with small openings, which then has a flow sent through it. The medium will allow water and small enough particles to pass through but will stop... Read More