Greenhouse Water Management Guide

6 February 2024

Best Practice Guidelines for Greenhouse Water Management

This greenhouse water management guide was created because consumers today prioritize quality produce that is healthy and safe while being cultivated locally and sustainably. For this reason, greenhouse cultivators are looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact, focusing not only on energy management but also on the efficient use of water, fertilizers, and minimizing runoff from their facilities.

It is true that growing in a greenhouse hydroponically is currently more water-efficient than traditional field-based methods; however, significant amounts of water and fertilizers are lost to the drain from these hydroponic systems. Recovering this drain water for reuse can shrink a greenhouses water use footprint, enhance water usage efficiency, and promote a more sustainable future.

Greenhouse Water Management Guide

This greenhouse water management guide written by Grodan and Priva aims to provide greenhouse and indoor farming operators with best practices for water and nutrient management, ensuring optimal crop growth while preparing for future environmental regulation.

Recovered and recycled drain water offers numerous benefits in both the short and long term. For instance, it reduces fertilizer input and associated costs. Additionally, careful water and nutrient management optimizes crop growth and development. By recycling drain water, hydroponic cultivators secure a clean and sufficient irrigation water supply, reducing the need for costly desalination treatments such as reverse osmosis (RO).

Closed hydroponic systems protect the environment by reducing fertilizer emissions and conserving surface water quality. Let Integrated Water Process help with the planning and design of these closed-loop water management strategies for your next greenhouse or indoor farm including rainwater collection, condensate recovery water storage, and drain water recycling. Adopting these best practices explained in this greenhouse water management guide not only promotes sustainable food production but also enhances business profitability and environmental stewardship.

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