Greenhouse Water Management Guide

6 February, 2024

Best Practice Guidelines for Greenhouse Water Management This greenhouse water management guide was created because consumers today prioritize quality produce that is healthy and safe while being cultivated locally and sustainably. For this reason, greenhouse cultivators are looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact, focusing not only on energy... Read More

Indoor Grow Project Management Timeline-Featured-Image

Project Management Guide for Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)

17 January, 2024

Anyone inspiring to become an indoor grower needs to understand Where They Are, Where They Want to Go, and How to Get There. To help navigate this journey, the typical phases of a project are detailed in the graphic timeline shown. CEA PROJECT MANAGEMENT LIFECYCLE A Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)... Read More

Waterborne Particle Size Chart

21 April, 2023

2023.02.02_Water_Filtration_Size_Chart Read More