Precision Water Management in Horticulture | Dosatron Partnership

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey to simplify water management and elevate the horticultural industry’s standards. As a company committed to simplified water solutions and top-notch services, we are now proud Dosatron value-added resellers, offering you access to their water-powered dosing technology for precision water management for horticulture.

Why Dosatron for Precision Water Management for Horticulture?

At Integrated Water Process, we understand the importance of precise water management for indoor and greenhouse cultivators, especially in the demanding fields of horticulture, cannabis cultivation, and high-value food production. Dosatron’s water-powered dosing technology aligns seamlessly with our mission to help growers simplify their water processes and create a sustainable tomorrow. By partnering with Dosatron, we’re offering our customers a holistic solution that complements our existing services and solutions.

Why Integrated Water Process?

As loyal, committed, honest, and ethical professionals, we are dedicated to delivering the best solutions for your water management needs. Our partnership with Dosatron reflects our continuous effort to provide you with efficient, reliable, and sustainable water management solutions.

Your Success, Our Priority

Whether you’re a cannabis cultivator, a high-value food producer, or engaged in controlled environment agriculture, our Dosatron value-added reseller status reinforces our commitment to your success. By limiting the number of suppliers involved in your projects and focusing on water quality and sustainability, we aim to elevate your horticultural endeavors to new heights.

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Precision Water Management for Horticulture



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